Why You Shouldn’t Delay Getting a Root Canal Treatment

A trip to the dentist isn’t always a pleasant experience. Despite the nerves or concerns you may have, you have to remember that your dentist is here to help improve your oral health.

If your dentist has recommended getting a root canal treatment, you shouldn’t delay arranging the treatment! Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t avoid root canal treatment.

1) It will Prevent the Tooth from Dying

Root canal treatment is required to prevent your tooth from further infection and potentially dying. If this is ignored, you may have to seek a tooth extraction.

This can be an incredibly painful procedure it will cost more in the long run since you’ll need a crown to replace the tooth.

2) Root Canal Treatment will Remove the Pain

A decaying and infected tooth can cause great pain throughout your day. Performing simple tasks such as eating or even speaking can affect your daily life.

A root canal treatment sole purpose is to address the infected tooth and remove any pain you’re experiencing.

3) It will increase the chances of other health complications

By delaying root canal treatment you increase the risk of abscesses, which require urgent treatment.

Bacteria from the already infected tooth pulp may transfer into gum and jaw tissues through the root of the tooth.

This causes puss-filled abscesses that can be extremely painful.

If you get an abscess you will require urgent treatment that, in some severe cases can lead to more serious health implications caused by nerve inflammation and damage such as stroke.

Ultimately causing you more pain and costing more money in the long run.

It is best to enquire with your dentist if you are in need of a root canal treatment.

4) Your Tooth will only Increase in Pain

Some medical problems can heal over time with the right homecare treatment; however, an infected tooth isn’t one of them.

The infected tooth pulp will travel down the nerves and into your jaw, making your life incredibly difficult to get through on a daily basis.   

At the P.B Health Clinic, we strongly recommend seeking your dentists’ advice and getting your root canal treatment arranged as soon as possible.