Enhanced Eyebrows

Enhanced Eyebrows are a way to make the most out of your eyebrows!

P.B Clinic is now able to offer the complete eyebrow makeover with Enhanced Eyebrows. Let your eyebrows be the frame for the eyes and face, and when they are designed properly they can lift your face and give a youthful appearance.

Another option if you want to naturally enhance your brows, giving them the WOW factor is to choose a semi-permanent makeup treatment, such as Microblading or Ombre brows. Click here to see the secret behind the two techniques.

Microblading is a great option if you want fuller, more natural brows; however, Ombre is commonly chosen for the ability to create a shaded, dark and dramatic appearance.

Have you ever thought of bold, ombre brows?

How does Enhanced Eyebrows work?

But not all of us are blessed with the perfect celebrity eyebrow look, whether that is through having too fine a hair or over plucking, we can end up having very sparse or strange shaped eyebrows that do nothing to define the face or enhance the shape and colour of the eyes.

By using a number of distinct steps, we will be able to give you the celebrity brows you have always wanted.

This includes:


Enhanced brows are not achieved by any one single procedure; it is the combination of the several steps that achieve that the final perfect brow results.

The desired look may take several procedures if you need to grow back your brows in certain areas.

You will need to have a patch test 48 hrs before if you are unable to come before our booking to have the patch test we are able to post it out to you.