Why You Shouldn’t Delay Getting a Root Canal Treatment

A trip to the dentist isn’t always a pleasant experience. Despite the nerves or concerns you may have, you have

Natural health

Natural health supplements have been steadily gaining popularity in the market nowadays. With claims on overall health improvements, no side

Holistic Health Care

Alternative Medicine gained popularity somewhere between the 20th and the 21st centuries, and is until now used in various aspects


Alternative medicine can also do wonders for your health and in relieving pain and symptoms, which scientifically or medically methods

Corda Criteria

Any method of detecting disease at an early stage before the subject is aware that it might be present must

Teeth whitening

At our Health clinic we offer professional teeth whitening where we will manage your teeth whitening process by helping you

Tennis Elbow Symptoms & Information

Tennis Elbow Symptoms & Information You might have heard of the injury which is known as ‘tennis elbow‘. However, tennis

How is tennis elbow identified?

How is tennis elbow identified? Tennis elbow is typically diagnosed due to the characteristic pain which occurs as a result

Continuation-How is tennis elbow identified?

Most people will experience a stronger sensation of pain when the arm and elbow are being used; this is typically